God bless you dear Pastor and Church, I hope the Lord will continue to bless you richly.


At the beginning of the month we visited the Plaza Bolivar in Guacara, where we were able to distribute evangelistic tracts, have special songs, a general preaching, and through a «survey,» we captured more than 50 people who heard the gospel individually, at least 10 of them confessed the name of the Lord. When we arrived at the site, we were approached by a government representative who let us know that we needed special permission, however, thanks to your prayers, God gave me grace in his eyes and allowed us to preach without that permission. Glory to God who opens wide doors to preach His glorious gospel. In this report you will find a QR code that will guide you to the website of our Church, being there, you must use the key: venezuela to enter and see the video. You will also find other prayer letters, photos and ministerial information. Having gone to Guacara represents another step in our struggle to touch with the gospel every municipality in our state. This coming May 11th we will go to another municipality located about 20 km from our Church (currently two families come from there). We pray that the Lord will use us.


On May 3rd I was 37 years old, and I hoped to celebrate it with my Church family in a special way, however, two days earlier, on May 1st (Labor Day in Venezuela) we met in the Church to work. That day my good brother Pedro (70 years old), came.

We talked, prayed, and I gave him some instructions for the work he wanted to do. I finished my day a little before them, because it was my turn to preach that eve. Suddenly I was informed that Brother Peter needs medical attention. I went out, and it was evident the difficulties to breathe. Even though it was time to preach, we loaded the brother into my car and drove as fast as I could to the hospital. He was accompanied by Alberto, a brother who is a paramedic. We arrived at the hospital, we went down to our Br. Pedro and DID NOT give us place to put it, we had to leave it on the floor, where he finally died. I could not believe it, what a deep sadness to see my brother die before my eyes, there, on the dirty floor of a hospital, where the doctors did NOT want to treat him. After a few minutes I got up, drove to the Church and gave them the news, then went to my sister Margarita’s house where I gathered her family and gave them the news. For the next three days I preached the gospel to the audience (even on my birthday). During the first message, Pedro’s youngest daughter (Yohaling) received Christ. His son Johan came out in the middle of the message (Pray). I still feel emotionally affected, but I thank God for salvation and eternal life, I give glory to God for a real heaven, and because my beloved brother is in better hands. Without a doubt, this was an unforgettable birthday, one where I could get closer to God


On Sunday, April 28, 14 of our brothers decided to take the step of obedience and go through the waters of baptism. That same evening we celebrated the Lord’s Supper. We thank God who continues to work in our hearts.






The Savior Christian School has been an enormous blessing for our Church, and for the community where we serve. Every day the children have a devotional time, biblical activities and are taught using the Venezuelan student curriculum. I can see, in my own children, the benefits of this ministry.

However, the Venezuelan Department of Education did not give us permission to open last year, until two days before the beginning of the school year. They were supposed to inform us two or three months in advance, but we received the opening permission practically at the beginning of the school period, which put us in front of two options: open the school or let that opportunity pass, so by faith, we decided to start.

I must say that making that decision was wonderful, because we had finally realized the project that we prayed for so many years, but at the same time, we knew that we would NOT have enough time to register the number of children required to support the institution.

Currently, we have a deficit of more than four hundred ($400) US dollars per month, that is, what we receive as payments from representatives, is an amount lower than the monthly expenses. We thank God for the group of brothers who work without receiving anything in return. I must say that the Lord is good, and to this day He has provided enough to cover that deficit. We give glory to God for it.

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